I am passionate yoga teacher from Eastern part of Finland. I have created my own Yoga Fit Flow, which is empowering, dynamic and core strengthening class. This is all about creating mind and body connection. You feel uplifted, full of energy and joy!

I have also 6 beautiful children and 4 grandchildren.

 My story

I am 50-years old and I just love yoga!

I found yoga into my life when working in corporate, international business. After practising yoga, I felt the relief it brought me to my stress. I also found new balance, joy and inner peace. Yoga gave new direction and light to my life and I as I wanted to spread yoga to others also, I went to yoga school and graduated from Seasonal Yoga RYT 200-teacher training in 2014.

The benefits of yoga are numerous. It stengthens our body, improves digestion and blood circulation as well as detoxins our body. It improves our balance and our ability to concentrate.

For me yoga has ment above all the mental benefits; clarity of the mind, stability and joy. 

I hope, that everyone who visits my class can feel the power of yoga in their lives and they leave my class full of joy and uplifted energy.

Find your peace, joy and wellbeing from yoga!